Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cloudland Canyon – Fin Eaves

Cloudland Canyon – Fin Eaves

Sep 17, 2010

I do not believe Cloudland Canyon could have picked a better band name to describe their sound. Their incredibly atmospheric, dreamy sound features beats and synths similar to some of Phoenix and Beach Houses’ works. Yet, they also feature some nintendo video game sorts of sounds as on their album opener “No One Else Around”.

Fin Eaves is tight album fully showcasing the sound that sets Cloudland Canyon apart. Layered vocals, laser-like sounds, bass as guitar, and a slowness to use any percussion, apart from the tambourine, on a low-fi sound creates this incredible heady sound unlike anything I’ve ever really listened to before.

This band creates a dream-like fantasy and invites you in. It’s hard to find any one thing to say about any one song because they are so similar and going from one track to the next is almost like moment between breathing in and breathing out, the switch is so natural you almost fail to notice.

“Gracious Hearts” is perhaps the most remarkable single on the album. Its heady introduction lulls you quietly along until they introduce the steady beat of the drums, then your heart gets a spike. If you’re going to be driving through the clouds anytime soon, spin Cloudland Canyon’s album Fin Eaves. I promise it will complete the experience.


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