Sunday, October 17, 2010

Love and Mathematics blog post

Cloudland Canyon are Kip and Kelly Uhlhorn and their various associates. The band has a myriad of influences, which reveal themselves in a number of ways. One of their first records was released on vinyl only, in Germany. A couple of their more recent releases came out on Kranky Records, and one of them features a track called “Krautwerk.” Their new full-length, Fin Eaves, is from Holy Mountain Records, home as well to Wooden Shjips, who likewise bring a machine-like Germanic groove to their otherwise heavy psych sound. Finally, Cloudland Canyon named themselves after a state park in Georgia with a big waterfall in it.

All of these elements can be found across the nine tracks on “Fin Eaves,” but here the band also makes a small nod towards accessibility, which serves the music well. It’s interesting that one of the best songs on the lp is called “Sister,” since that’s exactly what Sonic Youth did on their album of that name. A great video for another great track, “Mothlight Pt 2,” appears below.

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