Sunday, October 17, 2010

eden is neon

cloudland canyon - fin eaves

cloudland canyon's current lineup: kip uhlhorn, kelly winkler and aaron worcester. kip and former member/part-time member simon wojan began collaborating under the moniker cloudland canyon in 2000. both have toiled in various music scenes (hardcore, psych and punk) since the last century.
i did not know anything about this band before last weekend, when a friend told me to listen to it. i am being honest... at first i just thought... "oh no, not another drone-psych-shoegaze thing", but after listening to the whole album a several times, i gotta say.... yes please, more of it. it's not the typical drone-psychedelic-shoegaze mix.... it's more of a "dronadelicpop" album. the noise is swinging with the harmonies in the background. if i had to decide between drone-pop and dream-pop i'd rather label it as dream-pop. the album spreads positive vibes. at some parts it reminds me of my bloody valentine's glider ep.... then again it reminds me of candy claws. probably not everyone's taste, since the song structures seem to fade in walls of noise and distorted harmonies... but if you have a thing for such stuff.... you'll definitely love it.
7.5/10 (fk)

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